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Your Guide to the Night Sky

Hello and welcome to Stargazing Tonight. This site is dedicated to teaching those who are interested in learning more about observing the night sky. The web is filled with sites which offer astronomical information about the planets, stars, and galaxies that exist in our universe. While learning about these natural wonders will give a greater appreciation for how amazing the universe is, there is nothing quite like going outside and seeing it for yourself with your own two eyes.

Chances are that if you are reading this page you have looked up at night sky and admired its beauty. While just the spectacle of the night sky as a whole is a marvelous sight, learning about the hidden treasures and observing them for your self will greatly enhance your appreciation of the amazing universe we live in.

Unfortunately there are several people with the desire to go stargazing, but don’t really know what there is to see, where to look for celestial sights, or even when the best times to stargaze are. This website is here to show you what there is to see in the night sky, along with when, where, and how to see these amazing sights.

Get Started

If you are new to stargazing head over to the Getting Started page which will go over the basic things you should know before you head out to observe the night sky.

Learn about what’s out there

Check out the Night Sky Guide which goes over all the different things there are to see in the night sky and tips for viewing them.

Find out what’s happening tonight

Take a look at the Astronomical Calendar to see what astronomical events are coming up soon.

Get geared up

Finally there are a great number of tools and resources available to stargazers to help them get the most out of their experiences. Learn more about telescopes, binoculars, software, books, maps and more at the Gear & Equipment page.

Happy Stargazing!

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